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Never Before Has Emotion-Based Marketing Been So Easy

Paul Kirch discovered the ADMANITY® Protocol during an event he hosted. As an experienced marketer, he understood the value in creating an emotional connection with buyers. However, until ADMANITY®, the process was one of trial-and-error, at best. 

The first time seeing this incredible assessment tool in action, Paul knew he had uncovered something that was going to transform how he and his clients looked at branding and marketing. This product is literally the most sophisticated branding analysis tool in the world and you can get your own copy for free!

The Book Of "Secrets"

Since that day, Paul has been sharing the ADMANITY® gift that he calls the book of "secrets", as it has simplified the process of ad creation, copywriting, social media posts, and any other form of creative content development for his brands and those of his clients . 

And the best part is you can get a free copy of the ADMANITY® Protocol Brand Brief  by booking a free consultation with Paul where he'll help you understand how to get started with this transformative tool. 



It Begins With A 5-Minute Assessment

It's really that simple. 5-minutes to a new way of looking at branding and marketing. You've likely spent years in business seeking answers that are handed to you in a matter of minutes whit this powerful product.


Personalized Brief

Each brand falls into one of 15 archetypes. Each archetype provides insights that show you how to better connect with buyers on an emotional level. Transform your marketing and brand approach as you literally unlock the secrets previously reserved for mega-brands with massive budgets. 

A Year Of Continuing Value For Free

Included with your ADMANITY® Protocol is a series of tips and strategies sent to your inbox twice per week for a year. These insights are transformative, unique, and will give you a competitive edge. This is an amazing benefit when you explore the ADMANITY® Protocol.

Access to Over 200 Million Images

Receive free access to this incredible photo selection tool, PICMANITY™! This gives you the ability to search, purchase, and download your own high-quality photos or images, saving time and money. No contract or minimums required and each HQ image is only $3.00 to download.

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