Paul Kirch brings his unique and impactful approach to the entrepreneur and small business owner. You don't have to go it alone. 
Together we are stronger!

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Business Success Requires Movement

When movement stops in one area there's a breakdown system-wide. If you're a small business owner, moments of analysis paralysis can keep you from reaching your goals.

Paul Kirch works with business owners to help them keep their business machine moving without disruption by giving them the tools, confidence, and direction to make powerful decisions quickly, efficiently, and effectively. 

An object in motion stays in motion, especially when we're empowered to move.

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"We hired Paul Kirch to help us restructure our sales department. Paul helped us to 'get out of our own way' and think in new ways about how to re-build the department. In less than 2 days, he helped us to build a new foundation for the department's structure, change the process for managing the sales team and showed us a new way to rework the team compensation. All that and genuinely enjoyable to work with." ~ Steven Henke

I hired Paul Kirch as my organization was moving through some major refinement of our brand, positioning, and message. He jumped in and not only helped to solidify what was already underway, but offered new insight and recommendation
toward what made us valuable, different, and most importantly, a quality resource to our clientele.

~Kip Creel, President, StandPoint, Inc.

Paul Kirch worked with our sales team and management to help us create a unified message that translates to results. Paul is and was terrific. He brings expertise in several areas: market research, management and sales. He is extremely easy to work with, and his knowledge is communicated clearly.

~Mark Rosenkranz, Managing Director
Pacific Market Research

Paul Kirch was an invaluable resources in planning and refining our marketing and sales strategy. We were excited to work with him. Paul understood our business and addressed our challenges by bringing a great perspective and creative insight with every proposed solution. 

~Anne Tancredi Brown, CEO,
Gazelle Global Research Services



It's not about where you are, but where you're going. At times, most entrepreneurs and owners face overwhelm  and struggle to make impactful decisions. They often get stuck. Paul Kirch will help you keep the gears moving as you move forward on your journey as you choose action over analysis.

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Paul Kirch has been an invaluable resource in providing business development training and helping us to develop our messaging platform.

~Dan Callahan, Vice President , Market Strategies International