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Jump start your success by implementing the right strategies to help you accelerate your growth. 

Paul Kirch brings years of experience, resources, and knowledge to help you achieve greatness. 

We are committed to helping small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) achieve success and longevity.

Pack-A-Punch With Content That
Ignites An Emotional Fire

The decision to purchase any product or service is emotionally triggered. Yet most marketers focus on selling differently than they buy. They often talk about features, benefits, and actions that literally have prospects bobbing and weaving to avoid a direct hit.

We help you ignite the flames of emotion to create hard hitting marketing and branding copy that meets a buyers needs with a message they are ready and willing to receive. 

If you're tired of swinging and missing, connect with Paul Kirch to understand what it takes to knock buyers off their feet with messaging that gives you a legendary victory. We're talking about a unanimous decision between you as the marketer, and your worthy opponent, the new customer who never knew what hit them.

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Where You're Going Requires Understanding Where You Stand

With our support you are never alone.


Assessments measure performance through each phase of growth and development.



Group and one-on-one coaching opportunities designed to help move you closer to your goals.


Learn the strategies that work today from an experienced leader who wants to see you succeed.


Gain confidence and strength to see your full potential as a leader, no matter your past challenges, 

Some Of Our Favorite Tools

The Book of Secrets

One of our most empowering tools is The Admanity Protocol. This tool allows us to tap into a brand's opportunities and limitations when it comes to emotionally connecting with buyers and prospects. Most brands fail to step outside of their own messaging bias, but with this powerful assessment tool we help you tap into the messaging, visuals, and even colors that appropriately align your organization with the buyers who will be inspired by your offering. This tool is so impactful that we call it the Book of Secrets.

Can You Relate?

A powerful toolset we embrace includes our DISC and MOTIVES reports that taps into multiple areas of behavior measurement. Identifying benchmarks of behaviors, motives, and leadership characteristics that best meet job position and organizational needs is paramount to understanding how your team interacts and how to create better harmonies. In addition, we consult on how to identify and hire the best for exceptional achievement, and retain those staff who most closely fit your organizational needs.

People Matter

Is your culture creating excellence in performance and personnel? Culture & workplace well-being drive operational & financial performance. As leaders & investors are struggling to address mental health in the workplace, it's more important than ever before to leverage metrics that measure, monitor & track culture, well-being & anxiety at work. Our suite of tools help you understand if stress and other factors are creating an environment of struggle or growth. Avoid turnover and create a culture shift to excellence.

Engagement begins with the questions we ask.

One critical component in building relationships with clients and other professionals is to engage with meaning. Learn four key question types guaranteed to help you master the art of engaged selling and relationship development.

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Give to receive!

Paul Kirch learned early in his career that the more he gave the more he received.  As a business coach he strives to share his success keys to help entrepreneurs reduce stress and maximize their potential.


More About Paul

Paul Kirch is a featured expert with world renowned leaders Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Sean D'Souza, Paul D'Souza, Sally Hogshead, Marisa Peer, and Jordan Harbinger

The award winning education app provider, Audvisor, brought together 125 of the world's top experts to create a game changing tool for helping leaders grow, develop, and stay relevant. 

3 Minutes Is All You Need

We live in a busy world, and Audvisor was designed to help you flourish by providing micro-content from leading experts from various areas of business. Paul Kirch joins his fellow coaches and experts to help you thrive in this hyper-competitive world. Learn more about this powerful tool and schedule a free consultation with Paul Kirch by clicking below.

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Greg Rosner

"Hands down, Paul is one of the most intuitive and empathetic CEO's I've ever met."

Brian Gregory

"Paul is a brilliant communicator and wellspring of knowledge in the digital and communications niches."

Jim Miotke

"Paul is a class act and really knows his stuff. He has a keen eye for finding the actions that most move the needle."

Dr. Tim Bednard

"I've gotten to know Paul professionally. I've been very impressed with his advice. He's one of the most well rounded Entrepreneurs. "

Eric Bell

"Pau Kirch is an amazing thought leader who is focused on helping business leaders achieve their goals.  Thank you Paul for all you do."

Sharon Horne-Ellstrom

"Paul has had an amazing impact on my thinking and my business. He uses his wisdom and wit to make complex topics fun and exciting."

Heather Ann Havenwood

"What impresses me most about Paul is his consistency and integrity with his business, reputation and ability to always go above and beyond with his ideas and businesses."

Katrina Noelle

"Paul's one-on-one coaching has inspired me to take strides in my business. I'd recommend working with him if you're ready to bring your consultancy to the next level!"

Tim Taylor

"Paul is a strategic thinker. He excels at communicating delivered value to clients and earning their trust. I benefited from his coaching and leadership."


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Subscribe to the Paul Kirch's Newsletter and get tips and strategies for success delivered to you.

This Is For Free Access Only. Unsubscribe At Anytime

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Did You Know?

Not only is Paul Kirch an experienced and knowledgeable consultant, he also serves as as CEO of Sellience, a holistic marketing agency known for focusing beyond just leads and driving real sales opportunities through their unique approach to online marketing. 

Combining this offering with his assessment driven consulting leads to a powerful opportunity to dominate the competitive landscape and have fun doing it. 

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A live radio show hosted by Paul Kirch in Dallas later became a Top 10 Business Podcast. Today, however, BOSS Academy has blossomed into an empowering entrepreneurial community, helping business leaders achieve greater success through our Think Tank environment, with rich resources including our exclusive Collaboration Zone. This is not another networking community. We're a platform centered around growth and excellence. 

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